May 9, 2012

The Stupids Travel

Do you know the Stupids? A marvelously dim-witted family at the center of a series of children's books. I discovered them when I worked in a bookstore in my 20's but initially thought they were just a cute kids' story. Ha ha, look at the Stupids, their dog and cat are smarter than they are. Little did I suspect that they were really us.

The Stupids once helped us thaw out the freezer (their technique? unplug it to use the wall socket for a drill or other hand tool, and then be surprised to find an amazing melange of foods all floating together in the bottom, days or weeks later) ... Go hunting (hit the deer with the car while driving on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere) ... And so on. Not that we don't have small stupidities happening all the time. But massive stupidosity is the specialty of the real Stupids. Just our luck, then, that they showed up last week to help us get ready for our trip to Scotland.

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