May 14, 2012

At Home in Peebles

To make up for all the verbiage in the last post or two, I offer lots of photos and minimal words. Having never attempted blogging on my iPad before this trip, I am having a few ... Issues ... Mainly lack of a decent app for iPad blogging, or possibly the right app but lack of knowledge in how to use the ones I do have. But I digress.

The Stupids arrived safely in the lovely Tweed Valley town of Peebles. Recently described as having 'the most vibrant retail center in the Borders' -- small, local shops here suffer the same fate as mega-stores like Tesco, and Asta (owned by Wal-Mart) move in -- Peebles has reinvented itself several times since its oldest remaining building, the tower of a church destroyed by Henry VIII, was built in the 12th Century.

Medieval market town, woolen mill center, health tourism center, and now bedroom community for Edinburgh and mountain biking hub.

Our upstairs flat in Peebles, #7 Young Street
Peebles High Street
Classic view of Peebles, church tower, town bridge (original bridge 15th century), the River Tweed
St Andrew church tower ruins
Back gardens, the view from our flat

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