Mar 4, 2012

She's Doing It Again

Two years ago I was a novice. Nervous. Excited. Well-read but with no actual hands-on experience. The Six Chix Mix took me by storm through cuteness. There was peckage, coop-building, and eventually, egg-laying. I became enchanted by chickens. Fell in love with their dinosaurean legs and feet, their beady eyes, their dorky walk and constant busyness.

Last year was a flock reshuffle and expansion of quarters. Coop tourists. Health dramas.

This year so far has seen flock reduction and the beginnings of what will be an invigorated egg-laying contingent.

So far we have 2 wee peeps, with another 2 slated to arrive a week later.
One Rhode Island Red (amazingly, wing feathers already, at the advanced age of 3 days old)

One Australorp

Further details to follow.

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