Jan 1, 2011


Who could resist those numbers? It feels like a real 'starting over' year already. Already a whole decade of the 21st Century under our belts and so far things seem mostly to have fallen apart. I'm for a new start. With all those ones, anything seems possible.

I really meant to write a post earlier in the day, but it was just too ...... soon. Now it's bedtime. But I have great plans for 2011 bloggation, so I will content myself just now with a final look at 2010. Well, probably not the final look, but a big overview look. There were lot of big changes in Arabella's Garden -- some traumatic, some exhilarating. The biggest new thing in the garden, and certainly the most surprising and entertaining, was that 2010 was The Year of the Chicken. Or chickens. On that note, we have these images to ponder, from Betty, the day she laid the first egg (my best birthday present ever)

to Betty, making her appearance on the Christmas pie

Here's to 2011 BAWWWWWWWWWWKKKKKKK!!!!!!!


  1. We just found your blog. Hoping to get into raising backyard chickens but not sure how they fare in Central Oregon's climate or how much time we need to commit, we've been holding back. Looks like your 2010 posting will give some good reading. Keep writin' about them chickens -- we can learn from your experience!

  2. Nice pie! I still need to come visit you- missed you on the farm tour last summer, I just couldn't make it. I hope you'll be part of it this year. Working slow and steady to get my place to mini-farm status...it takes time :)

    Happy New Year to you,



    Thoroughly enjoy your postings Kathy - keep it up!

    Happy New Year!

    andy & ros x

  4. How fun that you have chickens! That pie is beautiful. wow. :)