Oct 5, 2009

er, Christmas in October?

The scene: the street outside our front yard. 4" of new snow, with more still dumping down. Trees bowed down with the increasing weight of wet, heavy, fast-falling snow, adhering to leaves still on the branches. 'Crack!' sounding in the still morning air, as branches broke and fell in both evergreen and deciduous trees around the neighborhood. People getting out their skis and tooling around the streets. Snowmen a-building. Power outages all over town as fallen branches snapped wires.

Anxious gardeners, trying to gently shake off the accumulating snow before it took out cherished trees and shrubs.

Sad gardeners, lamenting the flattened mums and asters lying on the path.

Regretful gardeners, wishing they had taken down the coolaroo shades before it snowed.

And wistful gardeners, saying sayonara to their pepper plants, so obviously done for the year!

Just last week I was irritated to note that Macy's already had Christmas displays up around the store. Isn't this a bit much?! I thought. Now I'm wondering if they just had insider information......


  1. What??!!! That was fast! Weren't you just strolling the garden center the other day?

  2. Holy Cow! Bend got a lot more snow than out here. And I was whining on my blog. You really had something to whine about!

  3. Your beautiful plants! Do you think any of them will recover - even if you give them ETS+ for Plants? We had a similar wet and heavy snow here last year that took down power lines and limbs and trees... but it was actually WINTER when it happened. What's up with Oregon?! Crazy weather!

    Stay warm and be careful!