Dec 4, 2011


My computer/internet incompetence has created a slight issue with this blog. All the dates for posts have inexplicably vanished into the maw of the cyberspace vortex. There is surely some way to fix this, however it apparently involves doing something with the dreaded HTML, and with my luck whatever I do will cause the entire blog, with all its posts, to vanish into the ethers. No way am I going to try. So from here on out, we'll all have to use our imaginations to decide when posts are/were written. Sorry. When Mercury is Retrograde, all bets are off.

(this is me, trying to psychically fix the problem via hands-on healing)


  1. hmm. and now they're back. huh.

  2. I see that your psychic healing session worked! Perhaps your fingerless gloves are meant for psychic healing sessions?!

    Very, very cool that you have solar power!!