Apr 19, 2010


Cuteness abounds around here, throughout the year.........



And of course in the garden. Especially in spring, I cannot resist wee little plants. Nor can I resist enameled metal plant containers in soft, pastel colors. After the fiasco of last year's attempt to grow peppers in the Topsy Turvy

and my longstanding ill luck with growing you-name-it in a classic strawberry jar, you might expect I would have given up on the idea of growing things in tall containers with holes on the sides. But no. Last week I ventured out to my favorite nursery to see what was growing in the early early greenhouse -- and to see about 'borrowing' some herb plants for a class I'm teaching next week at the local community college. Sure, they said, take whatever you like. And meanwhile, have you seen these cunning new planters? So CUTE, filled with sweet little johnny jump-ups.........

I succumbed. I planted it tenderly and hung it outside my back door. This time will be different.


  1. Hey! We've got the same kitty! I have a tuxedo cat too. And, I love that darling planter. Must go shopping for one right now! Happy Monday. :)

  2. Planters in the other colors (blue, yellow, red) are still calling to me from the nursery across town. I keep thinking of other things I could plant. Nasturtiums (the only thing that grew in my blasted Topsy Turvy last year) ...... lobelia .......sweet alyssum.....

    BTW my kitty is actually grey and white, so is not a proper 'tuxedo cat'. Still, she wins the 'cutest kitty in the world' award around here. I held myself back from posting more photos. Another time I will indulge myself.

  3. There is definitely cuteness all around! Love Mr. Happy. The johnny jump ups in the container look great!