Jun 30, 2009

Peculiar Potatoes

Actually it's not the potatoes that are peculiar, it's where they're growing. This year, in another experiment, I am growing my potatoes in containers. Digging potatoes in the fall garden is very satisfying fun, but I always miss some (which sprout the next year and have to be moved or alas, pulled out when growing in some wildly inappropriate place), and I always manage to nick quite a few with my spade, which is wasteful and means they have to be eaten right away.

So this year I am growing potatoes in all kinds of crazy ways. I have them planted in large plastic pots, fabric 'grow bags' from Gardeners' Supply, a cardboard box (an idea I saw online), and 3 sections from my trusty Biostack composter. Check 'em out in the photos above. In front of the pots/bags/box bed, my bean tepees stand, waiting for bean sprouts. In front of the composter sections, bush bean support similarly await seed germination. And since I had a few leftover seed potatoes, I put them in a regular in-soil bed, off to one side. Quite scientific, isn't it.

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  1. It is good to experiment possibilities in gardening... We put 10 choy sums on vegetable bed and a few in clay pot... I notice those on the bed grow fast and bloom first.

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    ~ bangchik