Mar 17, 2009

Orphandom or Solitude?

The Manly Man loves Spain and all things Spanish. A few years ago he started traveling to Majorca in March to ride his bike with friends. I enjoy a good bike ride as well as the next person, but March is a bit early for my butt and legs to be out cycling 60 or more miles, up mountain and down coastal bluff, every day. So he flies off to Majorca and I have a couple of weeks of time to myself. What we call this depends on the mood of the day.

Sometimes it's a bit lonesome around here, just me and the kitties and the MIL. On those days we call it orphandom. Most of the time it's relaxing, just me and the kitties and the MIL. On those days we call it solitude. peace and quiet.

March would seem like a great time to get a head start in the garden, but the weather is usually pretty lousy, so I end up inside most of the time, planning the garden or thinking up things to do with whatever plants I have blooming under lights.

One of MM's favorite spots in Pollenca is a cafe called Don Corleone, and a couple of years ago he brought an espresso cup home from there, for his morning coffee. This year I put the cup on the windowsill, so I would be reminded of my sweetheart, happily riding and eating with friends in one of his favorite places and for myself, put a wee orchid -- that's us, world: bikes and plants.

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