Mar 17, 2009


The MM is home from Spain, by way of Scotland. He is famous for his super-minimalist packing for trips. This trip was, according to him, the lightest yet. And when he goes to Spain he always leaves plenty of room for the loot. Here's the latest haul, pulled out of suitcase, daypack and bike bag, which somehow stayed within both space and weight limits. Check it out. From Spain:
2 kilos of Spanish torrefacto coffee beans (the best coffee in the world)
6 litres of Hojiblanca olive oil (our favorite)
1 lb ground decaf torrefacto coffee
1 lb Valor chocolate bar with hazelnuts
new cycling guide to the island
From Scotland:
McVittie's dark chocolate digestive biscuits (remnants)
one authentic Selkirk bannock from the Scottish Borders
one authentic Scottish bird suet cake for the MIL
one Cadbury chocolate egg (for Easter?)
How does he do it?


  1. How does he do it indeed!?

    Heartened to see the Digestive remnants made the distance!

  2. Fantastic blog by the way, thoroughly enjoying the view from the garden.

    Glad to hear the rock wall still stands!