Mar 29, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled spring weather

It was too good to last. The miracle that was Spring Break 2009 is over. We return to our normal March programming -- duking it out with the grass invasion of the previous summer in the midst of snow, rain, hail, sleet and freezing winds.
Someday I will get caught up on grass-removal. It seems to be nature's goal to clothe the earth in grass. Which I'm all in favor of, except in my vegetable and garden beds. In lieu of replanting the lawn that came with this house 35 years ago, I will undoubtedly continue my annual battle until I pass into The Great Green Room In The Sky.
This year my focus is on the path between the Rose Bed and the Circle Garden, seen here looking like The Path To Winter. Like an idiot, I get the urge to change the shape of my garden beds on a regular basis. It has become sort of an annual weight-lifting program as I schlepp pavers, bricks and rocks from one part of the garden to another. After last year's epic redo of the Circle Garden, I thought I was done, but naturally I found a new section to dismantle and rebuild for 2009. Yesterday the weather gods took pity on me and allowed me a few hours of turf-wrestling before the dark clouds rolled in and the rain started in earnest. Sometime in the night the rain turned to snow, thus ending my big plans for today.
Back to the planning.......

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  1. Any excuse to putter around in the garden will do! You are like my friend Beverly who has the same "problem", but it is not a garden, but remodeling her house! lol She is always tearing down and rebuilding. She just loves the process and I do not believe she honestly cares that much about the end results.