Dec 5, 2009

Dark Days Challenge 2009-10 Week #3

Since I only found out about the challenge and joined on Tuesday, this is my first week, but since everyone else is in week 3, that's my title too. I will try to do a couple of extra meals in the next week to catch up.

I made this meal on the same afternoon I signed up. I was excited, so I decided to just go for it. I had no time to do anything fancy because I was working (at home) all day and didn't have time to go to the store for any ingredients. I already had a pot of chicken stock cooking up from the carcass from our Thanksgiving chicken, so I did a very simple dinner using that, some vegetables from my garden and a couple of seasoning bits. I guess I could just call it


From my garden: (distance traveled, about 50 steps -- damn! that's LOCAL!)
Kale -- a volunteer, probably Red Russian
Potatoes -- Colorado Rose and All Blue
Onion -- volunteer, probably a multiplier onion

Chicken bones for stock -- Pine Mountain Ranch, Bend (less than 10 miles)
Additional chicken broth -- Pacific Natural Foods, Tualatin, OR (approx 150 miles)
Salt -- oops. Here's where the 'local' fell apart. I got out all my salt and realized that, although I am no foodie, I seemed to have 4 kinds, most of it not even remotely local. I had salt from New Zealand, France, Spain and Utah. I selected the 'Mormon Salt' as being the closest to local. How far is it to Redmond, Utah? 800 miles? Good thing we get to have exceptions.

To top it off I added a spoonful of Eberhard Dairy (local, natural but not OG) -- Redmond OR (18 miles) sour cream I happened to have lying around the frig. Oh yum.


  1. Looks like a wonderful hearty meal! Great effort! I'm still cheering you on and waiting to see what you'll make next.

  2. Kathy, you are a genuis, an inspiration! Those purple potatoes look delicious - and a bit unnatural. What if your hair turns purple or something? =)

    Cold snowy day here on the Plains and your potato soup would be MOST welcome, purple 'taters and all!


  3. I love your salt collection! I find it funny the little things we don't realize are non-local. I'm having a lot of trouble finding local/OG grains, and the other day I made gravy and added a tablespoon of buckwheat flour without a thought about it...I only realized a few days later that it was non-local flour! I am still actively searching, but considering making some small flour/grain exceptions at times.