Jul 4, 2009

Big Spi--- I mean, Big Brother is Watching

Yikes. Following my last post, I've starting getting ads for extermination services on my internet pages. With big pictures of ....... spiders, right there on my screen. Is Big Spider watching? Is Google in league with the the arachnidae? No doubt I inadvertantly downloaded some upgrade to my internet interface that is causing this. But it's a bit unnerving to suddenly see spiders everywhere on my screen. I think I got wasps after the initial post.

From now on I'm only going to post about bunnies and flowers and luuuuuuuuuuv.


  1. When I posted my wasp story, I got an ad for Exterminators on my screen. If you noticed, there is a tab for commercializing your blog and I NEVER touched the darned thing, but when I looked, it had been clicked! REVOLUTION is needed! Google is doing something underhanded, I think?

  2. funny - and a little scary, both from a spy stance, and an entomological stance! This woman told me once her dad googled Dick's Sporting goods, and he ended up with all kinds of "unrelated" pop ups after that!