Feb 10, 2013

I See Your Owl, and Raise You an Eagle

I think the people who write headlines for newspapers have the funnest job going.   Imagine the glee with which the headline writer for our local Bend paper, The Bulletin, created the above line.

In the same issue that saw a full-page article with photos about our newest wildlife icon,
the barred owl that has recently taken up residence in a busy Bend river park, we were treated to the above headline 'I See Your Owl, and Raise You an Eagle' and the photo below:

This is a bit of an insider joke for locals.  It is a real eagle, for sure, but the tall 'pine tree' it is perched on is a fake.  It is actually a 75-foot AT&T cell tower disguised as a pine tree to better blend in with the surrounding forest, just outside the city limits.  Some might describe it as an extremely tall artificial Christmas tree.   It's not a bad fake, and would be even more inconspicuous if it were planted in the middle of a forest.   This one stands apart from other trees, and although at first glance it could be mistaken for the real thing, a longer, second look makes it obvious it is faux.  

Apparently this is the coming thing for cell towers in scenic and/or populated open areas.   Here's one made by the Nello Company of West Bend, Indiana, which calls them 'monopines'.   

Here is another being assembled:

So we've got an owl.   We've got an eagle.   What will our next wildlife star be?  Ante up, Mother Nature.


  1. I guess if it's good enough for an eagle, it's good enough for us - the monopine, that is. Sadly, NOTHING in Kansas is so tall so we are stuck with our industrial eyesores towering over the nearly flat horizon....

  2. Don't give up so easily, ma-am. Apparently they can make these not just mono-pines, but purt' near any kind of tree you might want. There are mono-palms, and the city of Eugene was requesting a mono-(Douglas) fir. Think what the sight of a forest of mono-palms (no tropical climate required) would do for the Kansas tourist industry. Judging by the roadside attractions I saw advertised on the interstate, there's room for just about any kind of oddity. And what about that giant iron palm at that fabulous truck stop in .................... I can't think of its name. Maybe if ya'll had a mono-palm forest, some toucans, flamingos or parrots would move in. What next? Mono-crocs?

  3. I believe the Department of Kansas Tourism needs to hire you!